Supplier FAQs

What if I forgot the password or login account?
Answer: You may contact the administrator of the PhilMet and request to reset your login account.
Why do I need to sign-up for the PhilMet newsletter?
Answer: If you are registered to the PhilMet newsletter, you will be able to receive online updates, announcement and newsletter from the administrator of PhilMet.
Who do I call/email for technical support?
Answer: For technical support you may email your question/inquiry to
Can I post requirements/inquiries in the forum?
Answer: A registered supplier can post inquiries in the online forum.
Can I view other suppliers’ information?
Answer: You can also view other suppliers’ information.
Who has access to my information?
Answer: Any registered buyer can view your company information, product information and contact details.
My company has multiple legal entities, which of these do I need to register?
Answer: If the company provides same products and services then it is better to register as one legal name.
What are the steps/processes in registering for a PhilMet account?
Answer: 1. Click the Suppliers Section and register the required information
2. Validate registration process via email you provided
3. Wait for the evaluation and approval of the MIRDC
Do I need to pay to be included in the list of suppliers for PhilMet?
Answer: No payment or registration fee needed to be included in the list of suppliers. The MIRDC is the administrator of the website and has the authority to check/validate your uploaded information.
Why should I sign up for PhilMet?
Answer: You have to sign up in order to have complete access to the buyers’ project requirements and to be able to interact online with buyers. A registered supplier has full access to the features and functions of the website such as updating of company information, search for buyer, chat with buyer thru online message boards and available download resources.