Buyer FAQs

What if I forgot my password or login account?
Answer: You may contact the administrator of the PhilMet and request to reset your login account.
Why do I need to sign-up for the PhilMet newsletter?
Answer: If you are registered to the PhilMet newsletter, you will be able to receive online updates, announcement and newsletter from the administrator of PhilMet.
Who do I call/email for technical support?
Answer: For technical support you may email your question/inquiry to
How many projects (requirement postings) can I post/upload in the site?
Answer: There are no limits in uploading project requirements.
How do I check the status of my requirements?
Answer: As buyer, you are allowed to update the status of your requirements, whether it is still open or close. 
How can I contact specific suppliers?
Answer: You may contact a supplier thru the contact details provided like email, mailing address or telephone number.
How can I be certain I will always be able to get the latest technology under PhilMet?
Answer: Suppliers that are registered under PhilMet have gone through assessment and evaluation by the MIRDC. The suppliers also have the commitment to provide quality products (including latest technologies) and services.
How is purchasing from PhilMet better than purchasing with other online site?
Answer: The list of suppliers in the PhilMet website has gone thru assessment and information was validated by the Metals Industry Research and Development Center ( 
How do I purchase metal products and services using PhilMet?
Answer: A buyer can directly communicate to a particular supplier. It can be done thru the website’s message board or by directly communicating with a specific supplier thru contact details provided by the supplier.
Why should I sign up for PhilMet?
Answer: You have to sign up in order to have complete access to the suppliers’ information and to be able to post/upload your project requirements. A registered buyer has full access to the features and functions of the website such as updating of project requirements, search for suppliers, chat with supplier thru online message boards and download resources.